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A Brighter Tomorrow

With a pioneer mindset, humanity’s golden age lies ahead.

The year is 2046.

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A Brighter Tomorrow

How to ignite a second renaissance in the West

America has been through a lot in the last twenty years:

  • Endless foreign wars on multiple fronts (2001, 2003-onward);
  • The 2008 financial meltdown;
  • Racial inequality & division;
  • Dysfunction, & government shutdowns;
  • Education costs, degree inflation, and student loan debt stifling innovation;
  • Supply constraints, pervasive red tape, & not-in-my-backyard (“NIMBY”) policies increasing housing costs.
  • The election of Donald Trump, and the straining of Western alliances;
  • National debt of $26.5 trillion (more than $80,300 per person — including children);
  • The loss of trust in objective truth online;
  • A public health nightmare in the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic; and
  • A loss of love for…

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A Brighter Tomorrow

Silicon Valley wants into your mind.

February 24, 2051.

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Learning from the Titans

Dream, inspire, plan, persist, learn.

Silicon Valley has a saying.

“Don’t bet against Elon Musk.”

In the last decade, one person has become America’s name for big ideas.

  • Mass-market, self-driving, auto-navigating electric vehicles (via Tesla);
  • Cost-competitive solar and battery technology (via Tesla);
  • Reliable, cost-efficient private space flight with reusable rocket boosters (via SpaceX);
  • Traffic-bypassing tunnels underneath LA (via the Boring Company); and
  • Neural laces shunted into living beings with robotic surgeons (via Neuralink).

What will he do next? The wildest of Elon Musk’s visions have a tendency to become a reality, given enough time.

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Simplify, Meditate, Walk with Nature, Organize

What Makes Some Brains More Focused Than Others? | Marvin Chun | TEDxKFAS

In this TEDx talk, neuroscience researcher Marvin Chun discusses the limits of the brain’s potential to multitask. He provides three tips for improving concentration — “simplify, relax, unitask.”

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3 tips to shape today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality.

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

December 1, 2021 — what does the image conjure in your mind?

  • Your thoughts, and your relationship with them (shaped through contemplative practices);
  • Your assumptions about yourself;
  • Your daily habits, conscious or not;
  • Your plans;
  • Your mood, and your outlook;
  • Your health.

Every choice matters. Even your subconscious shapes what’s coming for you.

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Find your cause and fight relentlessly for it.

Do you ever wonder how “breakout” success happens?

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If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either.

“A little action often spurs a lot of momentum.”
Noah Scalin

In any new endeavor, the first 4–12 weeks are the hardest part.

  • Your performance is weakest — you have the most adaptation and growth ahead of you.
  • You are constantly improving — you have to face your failures every day.
  • You have the greatest need for resilience — it’s very easy to adopt a negative self-image in the face of what seems to be repeated failure.
  • Your improvement is “stealth” — competitors are so far ahead of…

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Self Determination

Clarity, Concision, Organization, Conviction, Reason

1 — Clarity

Say what you’re going to say, then move on.

Anything worth saying is worth saying simply.

2 — Concision

Don’t waste words.

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A Brighter Tomorrow

An abundance mindset brings an abundant future.

Tennis is different from most other sports. There’s no one on the court but you.

I lost every tournament match I played, 0–6, 0–6.

The first loss was to the number-one seed in a big tournament. You’re expected to lose to the top seed. This is the top player in the tournament (usually a regional or national player), risking his rank by playing…

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